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*We are Offering FREE Teledental Consults*

Connect with a Licensed General Dentist via Telephone, Text or Video Consult from the safety of your own home. Give 780-DENTIST (780-336-8478) a Call or Book Online Today!

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Meet Virtually With a Dentist From The Comfort of Your Own Home!

*No-Charge Virtual Consults!*

Connect with a Licensed General Dentist via Telephone, Text or Video Consult from the safety of your own home. Give 780-DENTIST (780-336-8478) a Call or Book Online Today!

Skip the Waiting Room & Virtually Connect With a Dentist!

We Provide

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Do You Have Dental Concerns But Don't Want to Visit a Clinic?

Our network of Licensed General Dentists are here to answer any questions you may have and complete an assessment over the phone or with the assistance of Video Conferencing. If they feel you require clinical treatment, they will advise what it might be and can even refer you to a clinic close to you to have it completed. 

Book a Virtual Dental Consult

Please use the form below to book a virtual appointment with a licensed general dentist on a day & time that’s most convenient for you. The dentist will call you to answer any questions you have, assess any immediate issues and if clinical treatment is required, they can refer you to a dental clinic near you. Your dentist may request a video chat to allow them to view the problem areas and assist in your assessment. In these instances, a secure link will be emailed to you to join. To learn more about how we use your personal information, please review our Informed Consent Policy and  Privacy Policy.

Easy, Trustworthy & Confidential Dental Service

Choosing 780-DENTIST can save you hours by not having to sit in a waiting room. You can spend less time navigating traffic and more time getting qualified answers from a licensed 780-DENTIST doctor.

Our 780-DENTIST doctors will speak with you regarding your questions & concerns, and may request the assistance of Secure Video Chat or that you take a picture to share via Text/Email, so they can visually assess and provide consultation. 

Does Your Busy Schedule Make It Hard For Regular Check Ups?

We understand between work, taking care of children & running errands, it can be difficult to find time for other important tasks in life like attending to your oral care.
With 780-DENTIST you can get a Virtual Dental Check Up with a general dentist when it’s most convenient for you, no matter where you are!
All you need is a device with video chat capabilities to have a dental consultation from a licensed 780-DENTIST in your area.

Why Choose 780-DENTIST?

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How Does 780-DENTIST Work?

It’s Simple…Just give 780-DENTIST a call or Book an Appointment Online, and we will connect you with a dentist that can answer your questions, provide an assessment and remedy your particular dental issues. If a prescription is required, the doctor can prescribe one for you which can be filled at the pharmacy location of your choice.
If clinical work is required, 780-DENTIST can help arrange an appointment for you at a dental clinic that’s most convenient for you. We will have you back to smiling in no time!

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During the current Coronavirus Pandemic, the 780-DENTIST team fully supports the important mandates on social distancing for public safety and to stop the spread of the Coronavirus.
We do understand that dental issues will arise during these tough situational & economic times and it may be difficult for people to go see a dentist when the need arises. Dental Care is an essential service, so our team at 780-DENTIST are dedicated to doing what we can to help. If you are experiencing dental concerns, please give us a call!

780-DENTIST is Offering FREE Teledentistry Consults!